Digital Marketing Trends

Chasing buzz-words and shiny objects tends to lead you right back where you started…but with less resources to try it again. School Marketing is an investment in time and money, and you MUST get a return on that investment.

Your school paid good money for that website…back when fax machines were relevant. And damn it, the longer you keep it, the better that decision was!  Problem is, there’s a point of diminishing returns, and missed opportunities. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the plug? Glad you asked.

Does your charter school, private school or college rely on phone calls to keep your enrollments up? Are you answering every call? Here's a tip...Answer the phone!

Admit it, you’re attracted to those 5-stars reviews just like a striped bass to a shiny fishing lore. Those gold stars are designed to elicit feelings of good will and success ever since your elementary school teacher placed that first sticker on your homework paper.

Newer technologies, and the skyrocketing acceptance of Live Chat as a preferred communication medium has transformed “chatting” into a viable replacement for web-forms and phone calls.

Your Website is the Hub of all your online marketing activity, it’s even a destination for offline marketing. Sooner or later every parent or student that you successfully target will eventually wind up on your website.

Google and Facebook are both great marketing solutions, but they aren’t interchangeable. They each have their place in your marketing tool-kit, but depending on the stage of your buyer’s journey, one of them might be more appropriate than the other.

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