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What’s Causing Your eCommerce Website to Lose Sales?

6 ways to fix your ecommerce store

6 Ways You May be Doing eCommerce Wrong

Is your eCommerce website plagued with the empty cart syndrome? Does your site suffer from low conversion rates? Does it generate less leads and even lesser sales? If you’ve been nodding a “yes” for all the questions, you may be making some critical mistakes. We’ve created a list of mistakes you must avoid in order to boost your ecommerce site’s performance.

1: Incomplete or Inaccurate Product/Service Descriptions

If you were to sell your stuff at a brick-and-mortar store, would you do so without uttering a word or without giving proper answers to your customers’ queries? Of course, not! In case of an online store, it’s not possible to attend to your customers personally but you can make sure they get to know everything that will help them make well-informed purchase decisions before they spend on your product or service. When you fail to provide that, it encourages them to leave your site. This is why you need to include complete features and detailed descriptions for each of your products or services that you offer.

2: Are Your Prices Competitive?

Today, when only a handful of people buy without comparing prices online, you need to be careful not to overprice your products. Especially so if you’re selling products or services that are offered by many other websites. It doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short or set the lowest prices but, make sure to keep your prices competitive. Regular offers and discounts are additional perks of online shopping, which entices people to buy more. You can use these tactics to attract buyers.

3: Item Availability Issues

You might spend a lot of time and effort boosting your SEO or Inbound Marketing efforts only to lose your customer at checkout simply because there is nothing for them to purchase. There’s nothing more frustrating to customers than a situation when the product they want is out of stock. This is why it’s important for ecommerce businesses to monitor and refill their stocks regularly to avoid disappointing their customers.

4: Confusing or Vague Shipping and Delivery Terms

Many eCommerce websites lack precise information about shipping and this could be a major factor why your customers may be leaving your site without completing a transaction. Remember, no one appreciates post-sale hassles and if you’re not making detailed information—like estimated time of delivery, the transport method, fees etc.—readily available to customers before they make a purchase, you’re giving them enough reasons to leave.

5: Not Having a User-Friendly Website

Studies show that customers expect their ecommerce experience to be just like their in-store experience—walking through the aisles, filling their cart with whatever they need, and making the payment at the checkout. User-friendly and easy-to-navigate ecommerce sites are almost like properly laid-out brick-and-mortar stores where stocks are systematically arranged and aisles are accurately labelled.

Ideally, users should be able to receive every necessary information with only a few clicks and finish the purchase in not more than a couple of minutes. Plus, your site should have a powerful search feature to allow filtering of relevant results faster. Remember this—designing a well-planned, user-friendly website is something that requires professional help, more so, if you’re serious about your ecommerce business.

6: Are You Using Videos & Images the Right Way?

For ecommerce site or online stores, it’s absolutely important to be extra careful about the videos and images you upload. Why? Because your customers are not able to touch and feel the products they’re interested to buy, so it’s obvious they would rely heavily on visual media to determine whether they like something or not. This is why videos and images that take forever to load can be major put-offs for customers. At the same time, you can’t compromise on the quality for the sake of speeding things up. Web design companies that have the expertise and experience in building successful ecommerce websites can solve these issues, helping you find the happy middle ground.

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