My Self-Serving List of Digital Marketing Articles that I Wrote – (2016 Edition)

congratulating myself

Each year about this time I take a moment to congratulate myself and tell the world what a great job I did sharing my vast knowledge of digital marketing. It’s not that I write particularly good (or is it well?), it’s that I can still think of things to write about.

Actually, I knew I’d have a hangover, and there’s nothing quicker than putting together a “best of” list. Here are the 4 most popular ones for the year:

The Worst Marketing Advice I Ever Got

Anyone can find good advice when they need it. The Internet is full of it. In fact I Googled “good advice” and came up with 46,800,000 search results. You know what’s missing? “Bad advice”. Who knew it was in short supply? Luckily I have some for you. This one got a lot of traffic. I guess people just can’t get enough bad advice.  

5 Signs it’s Time for a Website Update

If your website has all the style and panache of a 1970’s leisure suite, and it’s as easy to navigate as a Chinese phonebook, this might be your first stop in 2017.

Modern Website Design, To Scroll or Not to Scroll

Fun Fact: the term “the fold” came from the way newspapers were displayed out on the street, with all the headlines in view to entice passersby’s to pick up the paper. Now nobody reads newspapers, and smartphones have re-trained us on how we interact with websites. We’re no longer are obligated to fit 10-lbs of crap in a 5-lb bag.

The Wackiest Lead I Ever Got

No, I’m not kidding. Here’s the email I got from our website

“I am interested in discussing your services. I have a meeting tomorrow with xxxx Marketing in Huntington Beach and then I saw your “angry face” on a post I saw on my Facebook feed. So I looked further and saw your company”


Wishing you all a safe and prosperous 2016!


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