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Don’t get scammed by a bad agency, hire a WSI Consultant

Digital marketing is a huge industry all over the world, working to find new and better ways for you to inform, entertain and grow your consumer base, and building brands into global powerhouses! With so many companies wanting digital marketing services, scams are also sadly on the rise. Start-ups and small businesses who are looking to save money are especially vulnerable – which can cost you significantly in the long run. Here’s how to avoid scams and find a quality agency to market your business online, from our WSI Consultants.

  • Unsolicited contact: One warning sign that someone’s trying to scam you is that you receive an email without any prompting from someone claiming to have evaluated your website or social networks and found problems with the SEO or design, etc. Often, these people sound very legitimate, but - like any other service provider - the only time of legitimate contact is if you contact the service provider first who will then develop a strategy on your behalf that is tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Offering you a magic bullet: It’s a tough economy out there and many businesses are struggling to find solutions that will put them ahead but beware of any marketing strategy that offers miracles! In this industry, there are no guarantees – a top marketing professional like a WSI Consultant can only offer you the best possible chance for success, not success itself. We live in an unpredictable world, so don’t trust anyone who offers a single marketing product as the solution to all your business’s online marketing issues. At WSI, we are continually working to build better, more effective and more reliable digital marketing solutions that include multiple systems (PPC, SEO, social media and more) that are continually tracked, analyzed and optimized as we work with you to reach your brand goals.
  • Low-cost services: At WSI, we do everything we can to work within a client’s budget and maximize the results of our strategies – but the truth is that quality services cost money. Beware of any agency or consultant offering to do business with you for costs far lower than what established agencies are offering. Chances are that these agencies will deliver poor quality in return, either by giving you ineffective, generic solutions, trying to upsell aggressively after poor quality solutions don’t work, or simply not doing the work at all. Instead, shop around for different quotes, read up on what different agencies offer and who their clients are so you know if you have a good fit, and find an agency who prioritizes their client’s goals – like a WSI Consultant.

WSI fights scams by offering affordable, industry-leading digital marketing solutions

WSI is a well-established global franchise with a reputation for quality digital marketing solutions at quality prices. Our award-winning franchise is focused on training and supporting expert WSI Consultants in what they do best – helping your brand succeed – so contact us today.

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